Inspiring in different ways and on themes that are about how we feel as a person, how we relate to the other and what if something is pinches or under pressure. Sharing knowledge and skills in a personal way, in particular also to provide insights and practical tools. Bringing people together through live experiences in interaction so that there is real contact. That makes me happy.

Trainings and workshops

My trainings and workshops are characterized by a personal approach and a pragmatic way of working. They take place in my practice or on location. Where possible we start with your question. We always take your way of reacting and look with you, so that you can work on obstacles and your personal development in addition to the theory.
I work for companies and organizations as well as individuals. Below is an overview of the various training courses and workshops per target group. For more information or a customized training, I invite you to contact me.

Loyaal Leven

I organize events, especially for care and education, in which I raise questions from my own practice that also live in education and care and provide new insights and practical tools.


I give lectures and presentations. Here, too, my attention is focused on the relationship that man has with himself and the other.


  • How to improve your relationship
  • From uncertainty and fear to self-confidence
  • Restoring conflicts
  • If your own history gets in your way
  • Reduce the negative consequences of divorce or legal separation
  • The family and work relationship back in balance in a family business


Parents evenings
There are various themes for parents’ evenings at schools. On request, a presentation with a different, suitable theme can be offered.

  • How to increase your child’s independence, self-confidence and self-image
  • The dynamics between siblings
  • What if you have a child with different behavior
  • Limiting the effects of divorce
  • Where do perfectionism and fear of failure come from
  • Dealing with anger and criticism
  • Intergenerational and intercultural effects

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