About me


As the youngest of seven from a turbulent hospitality industry, I learned early on to be independent, creative, enterprising and curious. I saw very early on how important the relationship with the other person is and what it can do to “us” if it is disturbed.
See what there is.
See what’s right now.
See what’s right now for you.
Seeing what’s right now for you in relation to the other person in the world around you
Seeing the other, remaining visible to yourself and letting the other see you

About me

Live and learn from love & trust. As a very experienced therapist, coach and trainer, I focus on the personal and professional development of people. Listening, hearing, making time and space available, with open hearts and without judgment helping people on their way to new perspectives. Dedication, simplicity and humor are important features of my approach. Over the years I have gained extensive expertise in guiding children, adults, couples, (intercultural / composite) families and family businesses. Coaching and training professionals and organizing events for education and care. Invariably from that one starting point. Learn and live from love & trust.
My greatest sources of inspiration are my family, my friends, music, (especially the ones you can sing on dansen) myself, my own curiosity and nature.

– Member of the EFT network
– Member of the Association for Contextual Workers.
2019 Counselor VPOO & VPI (Van Oss & Partners)
2018- present member Advisory Board www.lerenoverleven-oics.nl
2015 – 2017 co-founder and director of training institute Contextual Studies – Learning about Life. www.lerenoverleven-oics.nl
2014 – 2017 – Board member (PR) of the Association for Contextual Workers.
2013 congress organization LoyaalLeven founded. www.loyaalleven.nl
2011 -2013 Contextual therapy of Lerenoverleven.org
2011-2012 Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy by Sue Johnson (advanced)
2009 Existential psychotherapy by J. Huygevoort and M. v. Kalmthout (in-service training)
2008 Spiral Dynamics
1987 Management primary education
1980 Nursery teacher/main teacher education+PABO

Good cause: The MOV Eindhoven Foundation has been supporting girls from the poorest people in Kenya, the Borana, to go to school and get work for over 20 years. I have been chairman, and now treasurer. From 2020 we will focus more on vocational training and setting up our own small-scale businesses with these girls. Goal: financial independence. Want to know more? 


Child € 60,- per hour ( +VAT = € 73,-)
Adults € 76,- per hour ( +VAT = € 92,-)
Couples € 90,- per hour ( +VAT= €109,-)

If you cannot afford this financially, a different rate is possible in consultation.

Rates include VAT p.u.
Work supervision individual € 125,- p.u.
Feelgood course child € 285,- ( 13 lessons of 1 hour)
Feelgood Relationship Course € 1200,- ( 13 lessons of 2 hours)
Team training € 1000,- per day.
Lectures and parents evenings in consultation.

As part of the prevention of absenteeism and incapacity for work, employers are increasingly willing to reimburse the costs of guidance (coaching or counselling) for their employees. Ask your human resources department about this.


Collaboration broadens your view, makes more possible and gives energy. Both in personal projects and with other professionals. Thinking along and working on the basis of practical questions for care providers, teams and education. Thinking along about social developments that are about human well-being. This is done with various organizations, in all kinds of forms and collaborations.
I work together with professionals in various fields.

OOG Psychologen Eindhoven-Helmond: OOG

Advice and strategy: Jac de Bruijn

Coaching en training: Ard Nieuwenbroek

Practice supporters: https://www.poh-ggz.nl/

Education and training: Learning about Life -OICS


W (10 jaar)
I was always allowed to sign with you, and then we’ll talk. Now that we’re done, I talk at school, at home and on the football field, without signing. Fine, just tell me what I’m dealing with.

S (15 jaar)
What clarity and insight. I dare more, have become more open, more independent.

I  (11 jaar)
Getting criticized isn’t fun, but dealing with it is a lot better now.

R  (8 jaar)
We always did what I liked, clay, making necklaces, walking. I didn’t really have to learn anything, but I do know that I never did it wrong and that I feel much better now.

J (10 jaar)
I’m much better at dealing with criticism now and I’m almost out of fights at school.

M (parent):
For us as parents; a listening ear, an address for advice but also someone who is there when you need it, if you can’t remember how to tackle and stop the problems. Someone who can help you with advice and action. Someone who is willing to convince other parties to take action where and when needed. You want your child to have a carefree, happy childhood, a healthy basis to develop into a strong personality. And if that doesn’t work out the way you hope, it makes you as a parent insecure and very unhappy. You start to doubt yourself, I do it well, I see it well and I don’t exaggerate and all that because you don’t get the confirmation from your surroundings. You start looking for the why but run into a wall of incomprehension. At such a moment being able to fall back on someone who wants to hear your story and then takes the action to try to turn the tide gives you the confidence that you did see right. She understands your fears about your child, she empathises with you and supports you. And together you look for solutions with only one goal, to see your child happy again. Our experiences with the conversations around it are purely positive. Thanks to Greet, we have managed to see the sun shine again. We look to the future with confidence again.


Greet de Bruijn
Beekstraat 14a
5671 CT Nuenen
tel: +31 611 498 416
mail: greet.debruijn@thebitterend.nl

The location is accessible by wheelchair.

IBAN: NL03 ABNA 0810 6079 72
KvK: 17123641
BTW nummer: 8140.58.462.B.01

Greet de Bruijn
Beekstraat 14a
5671 CT Nuenen
T +31 611 498 416
M greet.debruijn@thebitterend.nl

Banknr: 81 86 07 792
KvK: 17123641
BTW nummer: 140.58.462.B.01

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