Coaching for Professionals


Schools and institutions are under pressure due to new learning methods, legislation and/or extra tasks. Companies are increasingly reorganising so that they are ready for the future. Corona is now also having a significant impact. This requires a lot from the organisation and its employees. From my own experience in a family business, in healthcare, and also as a teacher and manager in education, I have an understanding and insight into what is going on in the work field.


Don’t feel comfortable in your work anymore or you just want to take a step. Is your work/life situation out of balance, or are you about to go back to work after illness or dismissal? Are you feeling depressed, listless, guilty or do you run into a burnout?

Together we examine your strengths, behavioural patterns and beliefs. Where do your qualities lie? Do you have confidence in your own qualities and talents? During this research you will learn where your question, complaint or problem comes from. How to deal with it and how it can be done differently. How do you create pleasure and trust in your work? Insight into your own actions and their effect on others. Working together and communicating. This can be at your workplace or in my practice. It is also possible to be coached at your workplace.


Group trainings 1.Sustainable cooperation and 2.Crisis in an unsafe working environment.

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