Trainings and workshops

Trainings and workshops

My trainings and workshops are characterized by a personal approach and a pragmatic way of working. They take place in my practice or on location. Where possible we start with your question. We always take your way of reacting and look with you, so that you can work on obstacles and your personal development in addition to the theory.
I work for companies and organizations as well as individuals. Below is an overview of the various training courses and workshops per target group. For more information or a customized training, I invite you to contact me.

Feelgood children

Self-confidence and resilience are extremely important, but not self-evident. Growing children all get tangled up with them sometimes. In this course, the child looks at himself or herself through theatre lessons, sports, dance, cooking, painting/crafting. At what he or she can do and what he or she would like to change.

For children aged 9-12 years.

13 lessons of 1 hour per week start in febr./mrt.

Working in small groups together with the children on the WAW-feeling! In a relaxed and safe atmosphere I bring out the qualities of children. The child learns how to deal with certain emotions, criticisms or disappointments. But also very practical, how to live and move in a nice and healthy way.

We are going to DO fun things and meanwhile work on important themes.

You can register by sending an e-mail stating your name and this course. After this you will receive a registration form in which you, as a parent, can indicate where your question/care lies and you will receive practical information.  If you or I need an interview in advance or in between, we will make an appointment. The course is always concluded with a parent interview.

Feelgood together course for couples

13 lessons of 2 hours, max 3 couples, starts Oct/Nov

Love, mutual respect and pleasure in each other’s company are extremely important in a good relationship. Circumstances such as caring for small children, unemployment, retirement, an empty nest, adolescents or work pressure can be very hindering. As a result of which you have less contact with each other or may even be growing apart from each other. In this course we will work together with your question and with various themes: friendship, conflicts, family of origin, sexuality / intimacy, appreciation and affection. In this way we can clarify, improve and strengthen your bond.

HOW In an intimate setting of maximum 3 couples we will work on your relationship in 13 lessons of 2 hours. I make use of various forms of work in which we talk to each other but also work with, for example, photos and music. You will get more insight into your relationship and tools to improve it and keep it good.

I work from different perspectives such as the ideas of S. Johnson (EFT relationship therapy), I. Boszomenyi-Nagy (Contextual therapy) and J. Gottman (relationship research).

If there is addiction, violence or a third person in the relationship it is not possible to participate in this course. I advise you to make a separate appointment.

Sign up with an e- mail mentioning this course. You will receive the registration form, the questionnaire and practical information. This is followed by the intake interview.

Working with couples – for professionals

2-day training
In these two days we will integrate/combine various methodologies such as EFT, the contextual vision and other resources such as the love phases, the intimacy phases, the genogram. We will get to work to get a broader view on the request for help and the diagnosis, and you will get additional tools for recovery in order to re-establish the goal of partner relationship therapy = the dialogue on a meaningful level. This training is a combination of a theoretical framework, practical examples and your own case studies.

For more information and registration:

Team trainings

Depending on the demand, this can vary from 1 afternoon to several days.

1.Sustainable cooperation

Changes are always there and follow each other in rapid succession. In such a turbulent environment, people feel less involved, drop out mentally or become ill. Collaboration deteriorates, cohesion is lacking and results diminish.

As a result, cooperation within the team is under pressure. Sometimes a different management style is needed, sometimes the need to change is not seen.

Teambuilding is working on sustainable cooperation. Explicitly focusing on motivation, qualities and wishes of the person and the organisation. Where do you stand and how do you guarantee that in your work? Knowing what you want is one thing; communicating and holding on to that in the busy daily practice is often quite another.

In group sessions where these core questions are addressed, I use the online Spiral Dynamics questionnaires of Prof. Clare Graves as an extra source of information about the motivations and drives within a team. In consultation we make a plan of approach.


Every company, school or institution has its own dynamics. They all value a safe environment. Undesirable behaviour such as gossiping, bullying or excluding an individual does not fit in. Yet it often happens that manners, norms and values fade away and that people influence each other negatively. Together we will determine how we can remedy this.

The reason determines the approach. After a discussion with the management/direction and teammembers, an inventory is made with the employees or pupils. On the basis of this, I advise the follow-up. This can consist of advisory interviews, a short intensive trajectory with an individual and/or the group.

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