Lecture International Conference on Contextual Therapy 2021 “Legacy and application”.

Lecture International Conference on Contextual Therapy 2021 ``Legacy and application``.

2021 Budapest

My lecture couldn’t go on.
Dialogue, antidote to dislocation in families, societies and countries. This presentation in Budapest, based on the biography and reflections written together with Barbara Krasner (2019), focuses on insights and tools to restore stagnant relationships. Our world has many stagnant relationships on different levels: divorces, problems in composite families, migration conflicts, trust gaps or problems due to fundamental differences in upbringing, culture and beliefs. Contextual thinking determines that a person develops, grows, and becomes himself in a relational, intergenerational reality. Which questions and topics are essential for a good relationship? Is there reliable contact, do you and I matter, are we being heard, are we connected, and is our relationship balanced? Without satisfactory answers, loneliness, depression and illness lurk. How do you stay connected in a world that seems to be falling apart?

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