Experiences children

W (10 years): I was always allowed to sign with you, and then we’ll talk. Now that we’re done, I talk at school, at home and on the football field, without signing. Fine, just tell me what I’m dealing with.

S (15 years): What clarity and insight. I dare more, have become more open, more independent.

I (11 years): Getting criticized isn’t fun, but dealing with it is a lot better now.

R (8 years): We always did what I liked, clay, making necklaces, walking. I didn’t really have to learn anything, but I do know that I never did it wrong and that I feel much better now.

J (10 years): I’m much better at dealing with criticism now and I’m almost out of fights at school.

M (parent):
For us as parents; a listening ear, an address for advice but also someone who is there when you need it, if you can’t remember how to tackle and stop the problems. Someone who can help you with advice and action. Someone who is willing to convince other parties to take action where and when needed. You want your child to have a carefree, happy childhood, a healthy basis to develop into a strong personality. And if that doesn’t work out the way you hope, it makes you as a parent insecure and very unhappy. You start to doubt yourself, I do it well, I see it well and I don’t exaggerate and all that because you don’t get the confirmation from your surroundings. You start looking for the why but run into a wall of incomprehension. At such a moment being able to fall back on someone who wants to hear your story and then takes the action to try to turn the tide gives you the confidence that you did see right. She understands your fears about your child, she empathises with you and supports you. And together you look for solutions with only one goal, to see your child happy again. Our experiences with the conversations around it are purely positive. Thanks to Greet, we have managed to see the sun shine again. We look to the future with confidence again.

Experiences feel-good child course

J (parent):
Greet, you’re a very calm and positive person. You let a child be a child, child! Everybody’s allowed to be there and it’s worth it. And that’s very important. Respect for each other is very important and children learn that from you. Children trust you completely and go to you with a pleasant feeling. Tuesday was a weekly party for them.

N: (child)
The Feelgood course is fun, sociable and instructive. Every week you will be given an assignment and you will make a small report of it in the notebook that you will receive at the start of the course. Each meeting you will discuss the assignment of the week before and besides that you will also cook, make music, sing, play sports, crafts and regularly play a role play to see how you can best tackle or solve certain situations. By following the course I gained more self-confidence and that was very important to me. I now know better how to react when other children bully me. Greet is a nice woman, she is very nice and she was always there for me. She even went to my school with me!


I: (parent)
My daughter now has a better understanding of what her behaviour means to others. She’s not angry that easily anymore and she’s hardly adrift anymore.

Experiences adults individually

M. (designer):
Some time ago I came home because it was getting too much for me. I was too busy with work, the children, housework and social life. I then contacted Greet. I was out of balance and hoped that she would get me back on track. Greet taught me to take a critical look at myself and my surroundings. And also helped me to show the critic I was looking at myself. She urged me to find more structure in my weekly planning and especially time for myself. This I had forgotten… Sometimes someone from the outside can tell you things or answer questions you don’t see yourself anymore. Greet did that for me. Greet is a warm and honest personality and partly thanks to her I slowly came out of my dip again.

Experiences household

My speech therapist gave me Greet’s phone number because she has seen a lot of good results with the children who are or have been treated by her. Greet has done all kinds of games and exercises with both of our children and I have had a few conversations with my husband. We have a busy life with our own company in which we are both very active. In the end Greet made a report with our family situation and school situation. This was sometimes quite straightforward, but she was absolutely right! We started to work on this and now we have a really happy family!!! I had a period when it wasn’t fun at all to have twins, but now both children have grown so much in self-confidence and sociality that we can actually say that we have the perfect family. Everywhere I get compliments that the children have changed so much to their advantage. They are also much happier together. And actually, I can safely say that I owe it all to Greet. So here’s to it: Greet, thank you so much.

Experience relationship

E and H:
These conversations helped us enormously to see what we were getting stuck in all the time. It was only when we saw that that we really got back on the road together. We now know each other much better and we are on our way together.

K (man):
Greet is just Greet! You can count on it, you can trust it, you feel appreciated, seen and understood. She gives you back everything, it feels like it’s yours. It fits. It’s right.

M (woman):
Greet has an open ear and heart. Is accessible and very clear in the confrontations sometimes.

S (woman):
The conversations lead to an awareness in myself. Amazing.

J (man):
It’s made it clear to me that things are not going well between us anymore. That was terrible, but also good, because only now we could move on and get it right for the children.

Experiences work

E (employment consultant UWV):
Due to the reorganisation rounds within our company, I have become uncertain about my value. I don’t dare to show myself, but I actually want to. What do I still have to offer? I have become myself again. It is wonderful to show again who I am and that I am allowed to be there. It has brought me many new projects and relationships within my work. It has made me clearer, I have become clearer. The atmosphere has also changed, but that is of course because I have become different myself.

T. (graphic designer):
I don’t really dare to show my work and ideas to clients and now I let colleagues take over, with the result that clients don’t take me seriously. I also have trouble saying no to my colleagues when they ask me for help while I’m too busy myself. I didn’t think there would be a bit of the old days involved. Really nice conversations with my mother and sister eventually came out of it. unbelievable how a human being is. And at work? No more problems. I dare to show that I also have my limits and that’s only more pleasant for the other person. If I do pass by myself once in a while, I recognize it and I can come back to it. That feels good too.

Experiences group training

Primary school:
As a team, we wanted to gain more insight into pupils’ bullying behaviour and how to deal with it. We filled in Spiral Dynamics questionnaires beforehand. Of course we already knew how children’s development works, but how that motivates them and how you can respond to that was really innovative for us. The fact that some members of our team are able to deal with these issues and others not at all was very confronting but also enlightening. We now know who we can call in in which areas within the team and we are making better use of everyone’s qualities. It has also become clear where the gaps are in our team. We miss people with commercial insight. Something the management can look at with a next vacancy but that we are now trying to fill with parental help.

Consultancy company:
As a team we wanted to know more about Spiral Dynamics and combine that with a nice day together because the last 2 years some new people have joined us. Unbelievable that through some kind of do/drama/theaterday you experience for yourself how a human being is and where your own blind spots are, where you turn away, your qualities, your core. We have gained insight into the strength and weakness of our team and how we can deal with that. We all hated the blue phase :-). Very good and also great fun to do! (In cooperation with TLC).

Experiences of crisis cooperation

W. (manager mortgage advice):
Within our management team there were a number of things under the carpet. They were not outspoken but negatively influenced the work and the atmosphere. The team did not function well. Individually, however, they are good people and they work very hard. I was about to fire people when Greet started the individual discussions and then organised a workshop of 2 intensive team days. I had never thought that people would be afraid of me. I hired them because I like them and want to hear their opinion. I never expected that I would be the cause of that noise. I’m glad they dared to tell me that now. It’s been hard days for all of us. We talk to each other now and support each other. It takes some getting used to and I’m glad we have Greet back up every once in a while at such a meeting. That’s how we hold it. The rest of the company has had some of it, they also feel that the atmosphere has changed for the better. I should have done this a lot sooner.

M. (team manager Reinier van Arkel Groep):
From the training sessions on team competencies, 1 team has indicated that it wants to work on giving and receiving feedback. Super! As a team leader you can want that, but if it is supported by the team it really works.

After the training on competencies there was already a positive change within the team noticeable. The feedback training was exciting, but given in such a good atmosphere and with such care that it had and continues to have an enormous positive impact on our team. Because of the various forms of work, we had to get to work ourselves, show initiative, show ourselves. Everyone participated!

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